On behalf of the Fathers’ Club of St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School, welcome to the 61st Annual Sleepy Thompson Basketball Tournament.

The Fathers’ Club, supporter of Saints athletic programs and events on all three school campuses, is honored and proud to host this 61st-anniversary event. This tournament is both a high school basketball tradition and a very special event on the St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes school calendar. Lower, Middle, and Upper School students, families, faculty and staff come together for three days to show school unity and spirit, and to appreciate hard competition and sportsmanship. The atmosphere in Goodwin Gym for these games will capture the very best of high school basketball: intensity, competition, and enthusiastic school spirit.

Year after year the tournament features great teams and some of the best games of the season. Enjoy these three days of high energy tournament basketball. Eight teams playing every day for the Sleepy Thompson championship trophy!

First Round – Thursday, November 30th

Game 1 (3 PM): Glenelg Country defeats Atlantic Shores Christian 64 – 36

Game 2 (5 PM): Episcopal High School defeats Friendship Collegiate Academy 81 – 37

Game 3 (7 PM): St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School defeats Benedictine 61 – 56

Game 4 (9 PM): Blue Ridge School defeats Trinity Episcopal 75 – 64

Second Round – Friday, December 1st

Consolation Semi-Final 1 (3 PM): Atlantic Shores Christian defeats Friendship Collegiate 48 – 26

Consolation Semi-Final 2 (5 PM): Trinity Episcopal defeats Benedictine 80 – 67

Semi-Final 1 (7 PM): Episcopal High School defeats Glenelg County 61 – 49

Semi-Final 2 (9 PM): St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School defeats Blue Ridge 61 – 59

Third Round – Saturday, December 2nd

7/8 Place Game (11 am):  Benedictine defeats Friendship Collegiate 56 – 32

5/6 Place Game (1 PM): Trinity Episcopal defeats Atlantic Shores 74 – 48

3/4 Place (3 PM): Blue Ridge defeats Glenelg 69 – 56

Championship Finale (5 PM): Episcopal High School defeats St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School 59 – 51

Downloadable Bracket
Tournament Officials
TRAINERS Melanie Stanton, Head Athletic Trainer
Patrick Frost
Allyson Nagle
SCORER John Preston
TIMERS Jake Currie
Larry Jenney
Chip Phillips
JUDGES Chris Dyson
Mike Pascal
John Delnegro